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We will give you the fix powerflush price & real time booking availability based on your address. ALL INCLUSIVE ( Vat, Labour, Call out, Materials )

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What you’ll get with a Powerflush

 Professional powerflush of your boiler and heating system by our engineers.

 Gas Safe Registered engineer completes your powerflush.

 2  for 1 (PowerFlushing Machine + MagnaCleans Filters)

 2 Years basic warranty cover our powerflush service.

 Upgrade to 5 Years Warranty with magnetic filter installation.

 We’ll provide you the Powerflush Certificate for Insurers and boiler manufacturers proposes.


 ALL INCLUSIVE (VAT, Labour, Materials), FIXED PRICE the Listed Price is What You'll Pay.

 Advance booking up to two weeks ahead.

 Accept Payments: Cash, All Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer.

 24/7 Online Booking with Instant Confirmation.


 Next Day Service. Your service will be completed within 48 hours !


 Not inclusive Congestion Zone and Parking Fees

 No Commercial Services



Here is what we will do...

  • Connect heating system, water inlet and overflow hoses to CLEARFLOW pump

  • Open all radiator and lock-shield valves, and set zone valves to manual position for full flow throughout system

  • Set CLEARFLOW pump into circulation mode, with full flow through wide open system, reversing flow regularly. Allow to run until dump water is clear

  • Pour cleaning agent into CLEARFLOW tank and if possible, switch on boiler to heat water to 50°C

  • Commence dump procedure with all radiators wide open then shut off all radiator valves except for one radiator then move to second… Allow to run until dump water is clear

  • Work around system in reverse, dumping through each individual radiator in turn until water runs clear

  • Restore circulation through CLEARFLOW pump and complete heating system

  • Test that dump water is neutral, with pH paper, and add inhibitor

  • Restoring system to normal operation, and bleeding radiators

  • It does not include any water lake or pipe lake repairing and any remedial work

  • It does not include congestion charge, parking and any materials.

Your heating system power flushed and ready to use.


SPECIAL OFFER: Power flush guarantee is extended to 5 years

Supply and fitting a new magnetic filter for £170 our 2 year guarantee is extended to 5 years